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Light distribution curves

The light distribution curve is a visual representation of light emitted by the luminaire in one of the planes – the vertical section of the spatial distribution of luminous intensity.

The combination of two such planes (perpendicular to each other) shows wether the light distribution is symmetric or asymmetric. It also shows whether the light beam is narrow, medium or wide.

Thanks to the light distribution curve, it’s easy to pre-select luminaire with the correct optic (e.g. narrow-beam or corridor) to perform a specific task.

We have our own photometric laboratory. That gives us a guarantee of the reliability of the photometric calculations performed, and also creates the possibility of flexible adjustment of the luminaires we produce to the individual needs of the customer.

If you are looking for photometric files of our luminaires, you can download them from individual product pages or collectively in the download section -> LDT file database.

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