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Light sources

Below you can find light sources list that our luminaires are dedicated for. Please refer to catalogue card, manual or label on product to find out which lamp you need.

Fluorescent lamp

T5 (T16)G514200FH 14W HEMaster TL5 HE 14W
211900FH 21W HEMaster TL5 HE 21W
282600FH 28W HEMaster TL5 HE 28W
353300FH 35W HEMaster TL5 HE 35W
241750FQ 24W HOMaster TL5 HO 24W
393100FQ 39W HOMaster TL5 HO 39W
494300FQ 49W HOMaster TL5 HO 49W
544450FQ 54W HOMaster TL5 HO 54W
806150FQ 80W HOMaster TL5 HO 80W
T8 (T26)G13151000L 15WMaster TL-D Super 80 15W
181350L 18WMaster TL-D Super 80 18W
302450L 30WMaster TL-D Super 80 30W
363350L 36WMaster TL-D Super 80 36W
585200L 58WMaster TL-D Super 80 58W
706200-Master TL-D Super 80 70W
T5 (T16)G58400L 8WTL Mini 8W
T29RG10q221250L 22W CTL-E Circular 22W
322100L 32W CTL-E Circular 32W
402800L 40W CTL-E Circular 40W


COMPACT FLUORESCENT LAMPS (ballast in luminaire)

TC-S G235250Dulux S 5WMaster PL-S 2p 5W
7400Dulux S 7WMaster PL-S 2p 7W
9600Dulux S 9WMaster PL-S 2p 9W
11900Dulux S 11WMaster PL-S 2p 11W
TC-SEL2G75250Dulux S/E 5WMaster PL-S 4p 5W
7400Dulux S/E 7WMaster PL-S 4p 7W
9600Dulux S/E 9WMaster PL-S 4p 9W
11900Dulux S/E 11WMaster PL-S 4p 11W
TC-L2G11181250Dulux L 18WMaster PL-L 4p 18W
241800Dulux L 24WMaster PL-L 4p 24W
362900Dulux L 36WMaster PL-L 4p 36W
403500Dulux L 40WMaster PL-L 4p 40W
554850Dulux L 55WMaster PL-L 4p 55W
TC-DG24d-110600Dulux D 10WMaster PL-C 2p 10W
13900Dulux D 13WMaster PL-C 2p 13W
G24d-2181200Dulux D 18WMaster PL-C 2p 18W
G24d-3261800Dulux D 26WMaster PL-C 2p 26W
TC-DELG24q-110600Dulux D/E 10WMaster PL-C 4p 10W
13900Dulux D/E 13WMaster PL-C 4p 13W
G24q-2181200Dulux D/E 18WMaster PL-C 4p 18W
G24q-3261800Dulux D/E 26WMaster PL-C 4p 26W



TC-TSEE2715900Dulux EL LL 15WMaster PL Electronic 15W
201200Dulux EL LL 20WMaster PL Electronic 20W
231400Dulux EL LL 23WMaster PL Electronic 23W
301900Dulux EL LL 30W-

For this type of lamp you can instal equivalent in LED bulb (with built-in transformer)



HST (HS)E27706500NAV T 70SON-T 70
E4010010000NAV T 100SON-T 100
15017500NAV T 150SON-T 150
25033000NAV T 250SON-T 250
40055500NAV T 400SON-T 400
1000130000NAV T 1000SON-T 1000
HSE (HS)E27503500NAV E 50SON-E 50
705600NAV E 70SON-E 70
E401009500NAV E 100SON-E 100
15017000NAV E 150SON-E 250
25032000NAV E 250SON-E 250
40054000NAV E 400SON-E 400
1000120000NAV E 1000SON-E 1000
HST-DERx7s706800NAV TS 70W-
15015000NAV TS 150W-



HITG12353300HCI-T 35CDM-T 35
706600HCI-T 70CDM-T 70
15014000HCI-T 150CDM-T 150
HIT-DERX7s705500HCI-TS 70CDM-TD 70
15011200HCI-TS 150CDM-TD 150
Fc225020000HQI-TS 250MHN-TD 250
25020000HQI-T 250HPI-T Plus 250
40034000HQI-T 400HPI-T Plus 400
HIE (HI)E27705200HQI-E 70CDO-ET 70
1007300HQI-E 100CDO-ET 100
15012000HQI-E 150-
E4015012500-CDO-ET 150
25019000HQI-E 250HPI-E 250
40043000HQI-E 400HPI-E 400



QR-CB51GU5.320-Decostar 51S 20WAccentline 20W
35-Decostar 51S 35WAccentline 35W
50-Decostar 51S 50WAccentline 50W
QT 9G456064405SCapsuleline 5W
1013064415SCapsuleline 10W
2032064425SCapsuleline 20W
QT 12 GY 6,352032064427SCapsuleline 20W
3560064432SCapsuleline 35W
5091064440SCapsuleline 50W
QT-DERx7S1001650Haloline 64690Plusline 100
2003200Haloline 64698Plusline 200
3005000Haloline 64701Plusline 300
5009500Haloline 64702Plusline 500
75016500Haloline 64560Plusline 750
100022000Haloline 64740Plusline 1000

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