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Remontowa Lighting Technologies S.A.

Remontowa Lighting Technologies SA (formerly known as Polam- Rem) is an industrial lighting fixtures manufacturer based in Gdansk, Poland. The Polam-Rem brand has been in the market since 1992, but its experience in the production of lighting fixtures stretches back to 1955. The company is a member of Remontowa Holding S.A. which consists of 26 companies operating within the maritime industry.

The offering mainly includes lighting fixtures designed for operating in the most demanding of working conditions, e.g. in hazardous areas, high and low ambient temperatures, chemically aggressive environments, and maritime luminaires- for lighting vessels, off-shore, and shipyard/ harbour infrastructure.

The strength of the company lies in its ability to alter product offerings by concentrating the entire production process in Gdansk. 

We try to make our offer to be comprehensive and to meet the needs of our customers. If needed, we are able to prepare customized projects.

Please contact our Sales Representative in order to get more details.

We can fulfill all lighting requirements including:


Luminaires for fluorescent and LED light sources.
Plugs, sockets, junction boxes, switches, cable glands.


Tight luminaires for fluorescent, incandescent, discharge , and LED light sources.
Luminaires for special purposes: dustproof and water tight, resistant to heat, low temperatures, and
chemically aggressive environments etc.


Floodlights for decks and holds.
Tight luminaires for decks, holds, and utility rooms.
Luminaires  lighting cabins, halls, wheelhouses, kitchens, and cold rooms for ships, shops and entertainment facilities for cruise ships.

Typical applications

Our luminaires are used when the durability and the maximum use of the light source are priorities. For over 20 years of our presence on the industrial lighting market, we have got the appreciation of countless customers.

Facilities with severe operating conditions: power plants, CHPs, steel mills, coal mines, petrochemical facilities, chemical facilities, reloading loose materials facilities, and other heavy industry.

Production plants: food processing, automotive, machinery, clothing, military, timber, etc.

Open spaces: manouvre areas, connection paths, open areas near factories.

Sports facilities and public utility: hospitals, schools, offices, sports fields, playgrounds, sport halls, road tunnels, passages, shelters, bus stops, streets, etc.

Vessels: ships, oil rigs, floating oil refineries, barges, etc.

Shipyard/ harbour infrastructure: docks lighting, storage yards lighting, workshops lighting, portable lighting systems, etc.


We know how demanding it is to light a facility in an efficient and consistent with the standards way. Firstly – we offer lighting fixtures built to provide you with many years of trouble-free operation. Second – we support our customers at every stage of their decision on the selection of lighting. That is why we created a team of professionals that supports the customer / investor from the design to implementation stage (more details in the “Designer Area”). Thirdly – not only we produce, but also design the lighting. You can also use our installation service! See more under “Services”.

Best regards,
Remontowa Lighting Technologies SA Team

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