Additional services

We offer a wide range of specialized complementary services. Our machine park and experienced team guarantee the highest quality of service. The professional expertise of our task coordinators is at your service.

Customized lighting fixtures design

As an experienced manufacturer we offer design and implementation of customized solutions in manufacturing lighting fixtures. All our projects are prepared in 3D (Solid Edge). We offer tailor-made fixtures development according to customer’s specification.


Sheet metal punching

RLT provides sheet metal fabricating subcontract services. Our digitally driven Finn Power X5 turret punch press and team of highly skilled engineers are at your service.


Custom projects under your label

If you have your own documentation or an idea for the product we can manufacture it for you. Please contact our Export Department for further details.


Powder coating

We offer powder coating service. Your steel elements can be professionally painted in our fully automated powder coating facility.


Steel shearing and bending

Precision metal fabrication services steel plate shearing and forming is one of our strong points.


Photometric laboratory

We can validate any lighting product in our photometric laboratory. Luminous flux, luminous intensity distribution and many more parameters can be measured in our in house facilities.


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