Latest accomplishment – Siem Aimery (Cable Lay Vessel)

In April 2013, Siem Offshore entered into a shipbuilding agreement with Remontowa Shipbuilding in Poland for the construction of a dynamically positioned CLV Siem Aimery.
The CLV was designed by VARD Design and has an overall length of 95.3 meters, a breadth of 21.5 meters, a cable payload of 4,250 tons and an accommodation for 60 persons.
The vessel is designed for installation, repair and maintenance of medium and high voltage submarine cable systems within the offshore renewable energy and offshore oil and gas markets. The vessel at overall length of 95.3 meters with cable payload of 4 250 tons will be served by sixty – man crew. Most of them will be engaged in handling operations of laying and connecting cables. The vessel will meet the highest standards of environmental protection and safety of navigation “CLEAN DESIGN” and will fly under the most reputable Norwegian flag.

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