142 LED tubes

Industrial lumianaire for LED tubes with G13

  • temp-35
  • temp+40
  • G13
  • LED
  • 220V-240V_ACDC
  • I-klasa-ochronnosci
  • IK07
  • IP65
  • HALA


Dustproof and waterproof open luminaire for LED-tubes, lamp base G13. Designed to light industrial facilities and utility rooms, warehouses,production spaces, workshops or other places with high dust pollination

Technical Data

  • Protection class: I
  • IP degree: IP 65
  • Ambient temperature: from -35⁰C to +40⁰C*

*according to LED tube


Suspended by two steel chains 370 mm lenght

Construction details

Housing: plastic closed by powder painted steel sheet cover
Reflector: zinc coated steel sheet, powder painted

Open luminaire without diffuser


For special order it is possible to equip each luminaire with led-tubes. Main advantages of led-tube source:
• integrated driver
• • 3 types of diffuser: transparent, fluted, opal
• 3 types of colour: daylight (pure white), warm
white, neutral
• life time: 50 k hours

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