Zone 1,21; 2,22

EXP 13 – marine appli...

EXP 13 – marine application

Explosionproof luminaire for compact fluorescent lamps (Zone 1,21,2,22)

The luminaire is designed to light the industrial areas and facilities, also outdoor spaces with an explosion hazard of gases, vapours and flammable fogs mixed with air and inflammable dust and fibers mixed with air.

Hazardous zones: 1,21; 2,22.

*Temperature class ** Max surface temperature
EXP 13-1420 T6 75⁰C
EXP 13-2420 T5 93⁰C
  • Type of housing
  • Housing: Ex d
  • Junction box: Ex e
  • Explosion group: IIC, IIB, IIA
  • Temperature class: T6*, T5, T4, T3, T2, T1
  • Max luminaire temperature: 75⁰C- 93⁰C**
  • Protection degree: IP 66
  • Ambient temperature: from -25⁰C to +45⁰C
Suspended installation.
  • Housing: aluminium powder painted casting
  • Diffuser: borosilicate glass
  • Steel guard wire: steel wire guard, powder painted
  • Ballast: 220V-240V AC/DC electronic
KDB 10 ATEX 017X
Luminaire with cable gland M25 /Ø 7-17 mm/.
M20 Ex d cable gland
M25 Ex e cable gland
M20 Ex e cable gland for armoured cables
W bracket for EXP 13/EXP 73

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