PT 50

Floodlight for discharge sodium and metal-halide lamps

  • temp-20
  • temp+45
  • E40-1
  • 230V-50Hz
  • I-klasa-ochronnosci
  • IP65
  • HALA


Floodlight for discharge sodium and metal-halide lamps. Suitable for lighting sport and industrial facilities, outdoor places, entrances, terraces, gates, billboards or building elevations.

Technical Data

Protection degree: IP 65
Protection class: I
Power factor: ≥ 0,85
Ambient temperature: from -20⁰C to +45⁰C


Luminaire mounted with adjustable angle braket.

Construction details

Housing: aluminium, powder painted
Reflector: alluminium, symetrical or asymmetrical shape
Ballast: 230V, 50 Hz magnetic

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