PB 99

Surface industrial luminaire for discharge lamps.

  • temp+45
  • E40-1
  • 230V-50Hz
  • I-klasa-ochronnosci
  • II-klasa-ochronnosci
  • IK08
  • IP65
  • HALA


Dustproof and watertight ceiling industrial luminaire for discharge sodium and metal-halide lamps. Suitable for lighting road tunels, undergound passes or production halls with extreme working conditions.

Technical Data

Protection degree: IP 65
Protection class: II
IK factor: IK 08
Power factor: ≥ 0,85
Light sources: HST/HIT
Ambient temperature: to +45⁰C
Electric components: magnetic ballast 230V / AC 50Hz




Direct ceiling installation with use of two stainless steel brakets made with stainless steel sheet 316 Ti (EN 1.4571). 6 mounting holes 9mm.

Construction details

Housing: stainless steel sheet, 316 Ti (EN 1.4571) thickness 1 mm, pasivated
Frame: stainless steel sheet, 316 Ti (EN 1.4571) thickness 2 mm, pasivated
Camps: stainless steel sheet, 316 Ti (EN 1.4571)
Diffuser: tempered glass pane 5 mm with silicon gasket
Reflector: aluminium symetrical or asymetrical

Frame with diffusor can be opened without use of tools.
Each circuit  is secured by fuse.


Power regulator system (only for sodium lamps)
I protection class
Circuits inspection mode

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