EXP 83 MLED - marine application

Explosionproof luminaire for Zone 1,21,2,22 with energy efficient LED light source

  • temp-35
  • temp+40
  • LED
  • 110V-AC
  • 220V-240V_ACDC
  • EX
  • 3H
  • I-klasa-ochronnosci
  • IK10
  • IP66
  • IP67


LED luminaire designed to light areas and facilities on ships and offshore with an explosion hazard of gases, vapours and flammable fogs mixed with air. Hazardous zones: 1,2,21,22.

Luminaire equipped with diffuser (D) mounted on LED panel for light pattern shapping and reducing glare.

Technical Data

Type of housing: gas: Ex db , eb, mb I dust: Ex tb
Explosion gr gas: IIC, IIB, IIA I dust: IIIC, IIIB, IIIA
Temperature class: T4, T3, T2, T1
Max surface temperature: 60C or 65C
Protection level: gas: Gb I dust: Db
Protection degree: IP 66/67
Ambient temperature: from -35C to +40C




Two brackets with 2 mounting holes each.

Construction details

Housing: zinc coated steel sheet, powder painted
Diffuser: UV stabilized, strengthened polycarbonate
Diffuser clips: stainless steel
Mounting plate: zinc coated steel sheet, powder painted
Colour temp.: 4000K*
Power supply: 110-254V AC 50/60 Hz or 220-250V DC

* other colour temp. on special request


Stainless steel housing
Cable glands for armoured cables
3 hour emergency unit with self-test
1,5 hour emergency unit with self-test

LED panel without diffuser

Steel wire guard

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