DEP 16 - marine application

Recessed luminaire for fluorescent lamps T8

  • temp+45
  • B15d
  • G13
  • 24V-DC
  • 110V-AC
  • 230V-50Hz
  • 230V-60Hz
  • 220V-240V_ACDC
  • 3H
  • I-klasa-ochronnosci
  • IP44


Recesed luminaire for T8  fluorescent lamps. Designed for cabins, passenger facilities,  bathrooms, corridors and other facilities with lining ceiling.

Technical Data

  • Protection degree: IP 44
  • Protection class: I
  • Power factor: ≥ 0,85
  • Ambient temperature: to +45°C

Construction details

Housing: zinc coated steel sheet white powder painted
Diffusesr: milk polycarbonate
Ballast: 230V, 50Hz magnetic


3h emergency unit (A3)
Additional lamholder for emergency lighting
Electrical ballast
Electrical equipment for different voltages

Connected products

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